• Career in Animation 
  • Animation- one of the fastest growing and most in-demand industries in the world. Multi media and Animation are among the major hunted jobs of the 21st century. Multimedia alias multiple ...

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  • 4 steps to the right resume format 
  • A well-formatted resume makes you stand out from the rest in two ways. Firstly it makes the resume pleasing to the eye and secondly a well organized resume makes it easy for the...

  • Beginning your job search
  • The first step is to decide what type of job you are looking for, or what interests or skills you have. This can be done by making a list such as, working with computers, working with animals... 

  • Techniques for an effective job se..
  • Searching for a job can be time consuming and frustrating. Make it easier for yourself by creating positive job search techniques - one step at a time will turn your hard work into your dream job.Seven steps to...

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  • Universities and Institutes in India
  • India has both private and public universities, many of which are supported by the Government of India and the state governments. Apart from these there are private universities supported by various bodies and societies also exist. Most of the universities listed under the top south Asian universities are located in India. Types of universities in India include Central university, or Union university – established by Act of Parliament and under the purview of the Department of Higher Education, Government of India. The University Grants Commission list 42 central universities...

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